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72-10415 - Professional TRMS Digital Multimeter with 22000 Count Display

This True-RMS meter is feature rich, impeccably accurate, and competitively priced to meet the needs of any technician or tradesman. Measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, Resistance, Capacitance and Frequency


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Basic Functions Range Best Accuracy
DC Voltage 220mV/2.2V/22V/220V/1000V ±(0.1%+2)
AC Voltage 220mV/2.2V/22V/220V/750V ±(0.8%+10)
DC Current 200μA/2200μA/22mA/220mA/2.2A/10A ±(0.5%+10)
AC Current 220μA/2200μA/22mA/220mA/2.2A/10A ±(0.8%+10)
Resistance 220Ω/2.2kΩ/22kΩ/220kΩ/2.2MΩ/22MΩ/220MΩ ±(0.5%+10)
Capacitance 22nF/220nF/2.2μF/22μF/220μF/2.2mF/22mF/220mF ±(3.0%+5)
Frequency 10Hz-220MHz ±(0.01%+5)
Frequency Response 45~10kHz
Duty Cycle 0.1%~99.9%
Analogue Bar Graph 46
Max Display 22000

  • Hazardous:0
  • Drop Ship:0
  • Auto ranging
  • Features Continuity, Duty Cycle, and Diode testing
  • Low battery indication
  • USB connectivity
  • Analog bar graph
  • Data hold
  • Peak value
  • Input protection
  • Relative mode
  • 22000 count display
  • 45Hz~10kHz bandwidth
  • CAT III 1000V
  • CAT IV 600V
  • Includes battery, test leads, multi-purpose socket, USB interface cable, and PC software CD